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Marriage is a sacred and significant event, so you don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to making sure everything is perfect!

PLEASE NOTE that we are NOT DJs! We are experts in all things audiovisual. DJs use audiovisual equipment when they set up their turntables, speakers, and lights, but quite frankly, their equipment is a technically low standard.

If you’ve already booked a DJ, great – we can easily plug them right into our system to make them sound even better. If you’ve yet to book a DJ, you can save yourself a huge expense by hooking up a Spotify playlist to our powerful speakers and be your own DJ!

Audio for your ceremony is super critical, especially if you are planning to get married outside. Even though it may sound crystal clear to the bride and groom, I can't tell you how many weddings lose meaning because it’s so hard to hear past the first few rows.

Avoid those embarrassing moments of inadequate sound amplification by hiring an expert team who will take care of the technology for you. We care deeply about how well you sound and so should you. By hiring us, everyone will sound their best because we can hook up a microphone directly to the Bride and Groom. We only use wireless microphones because wired microphones can be tacky and hazardous.

We can set up multiple sound systems at the same time, so your wedding flows seamlessly between spaces. You are no more waiting for someone to set up as your guests arrive. We’ll be ready and waiting with our quality and consistent service!

Lighting is another critical factor! Make your special day shine with lighting that brings out the beauty of true love. Enhance your big day with the added effects of drape and lighting combinations, or use flash throughout the event — our lights are 10X better than the cheap ones most DJs use. We have box truss, professional moving lights, portable and powerful battery-powered LEDs, holograms, bistro lights, Christmas lights, and any other kind of display you can think of. Whatever your wish, we will fulfill it.

By hiring a professional audiovisual company, your wedding can be better than you’ve ever imagined. We’re not just limited to audio and lighting. We offer professional videographers and recording services so you can capture your wedding on film and treasure it forever. Fill your home with precious memories captured by our skilled photographers. Be the envy of your friends with special effects, beautiful drapery, powerful lighting, and more.

Wedding Uplighting Services

Everybody hires a DJ and only gets the basics. If you aim to have a beautiful wedding, make your dreams come true, and have everything function correctly, then we can help you.

Hire us instead of a DJ and experience our higher quality and excellent service. We are highly skilled in supporting audiovisual for weddings, and we can give you what you need without breaking your budget. Our Certified Technology Specialists are among the best in the industry and are with you every step, from concept to completion. You can count on us and hold us accountable to deliver you a gorgeous wedding.

Stop wasting time hiring several different companies and dealing with multiple vendors. If you want to provide your own Band or DJ, then we can hook them up straight into our system, and ensure the quality and levels.

We can set up all of your wedding events including rehearsal dinners, wedding rehearsals, ceremonies, and receptions. Wherever you need us, we are there with the equipment, experts, and quality service that support all your functions. We adapt very well to different scenarios.

Some of our teammates have supported audiovisual for several high-class weddings held in tents, churches, outdoor venues, and even on top of Aspen Mountain. We can do so many cool things for you that there are too many to list here. Call us today or fill out the form below to speak with someone today and learn more.

After servicing thousands of events over the years, we are confident that we can create your dream wedding. To create a lifelong memory, most of what you need is the right help, instruction, and encouragement from a team who has "been there and done that!"

Let us give you a beautiful wedding and bring your wildest dreams to life.

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