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Event Videography Services 

Bring your ideas to life with bright and beautiful displays that showcase your content and messages effectively.

You can display anything on these screens: images, video, PowerPoints, IMAG, signage, demos, and more. But your display is only as effective as the size of the room and the number of audience members it can captivate.

Poorly planned video can result in major disruptions, poor screen placement, low-quality images, bad aspect ratio, improper formatting, and more, which will often result in a loss of interest and anger your guests. Destination AV provides you with services that allow everyone in the room to see your content, regardless of audience and venue size. Hold their attention from start to finish!

There are so many components that go into the video planning process. How many screens will you need? What aspect ratio is best for your screen size? Front or rear projection? 4K or HD equipment? Will you utilize live stream or on-demand viewing to expand your reach? Do you want to manage all these critical components on top of every other aspect of your event? 

Destination AV can take this extra step off your plate and ensure that you get the best video services and technology. We can get you the biggest screen your venue can handle, or provide you with a small projection package. We can display your content and notes side-by-side so that you and your presenters can stay on track. We can help you with adapting your equipment to your needs and venue, ensuring there are no obstructions. We will take care of this part while you focus on ensuring the other parts of the event run well.

Our company standard for all displays and cameras is High Definition and 4K, which means that you get access to quality broadcasts. No more lags, uneven pictures, and lost attention – just pure success.

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Our vision is to empower our clients, teammates, and partners by creating spectacular experiences that drive engagement and produce results.

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Our mission is to become your audiovisual hero. We go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to make your event a huge success. Together, we'll go the distance.

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