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High-quality audio and video equipment


Are you losing out on engagement due to events that lack powerful technology and fail to excite your guests?

High-quality audio and video equipment can make the difference between events that get results and ones that end up being a waste of time and money.

The one thing you need to guarantee the successful outcome of your event is a professional and supportive team that specializes in helping Event Planners get ahead! If you strive to “WOW” your guests with a great show, celebrate successes with the hottest party of the year, and increase morale for even more success, then forget handling AV yourself and hire Destination AV.

As trailblazers of the AV industry, we specialize in helping you create a fantastic event that your guests will remember for years. Our masters of audio, lighting, video, special effects, and production that will bring your dreams to reality with professional setup, teardown, on-time cues, and anything else that you need to make your event perfect. 

You’ve already got your hands full with guest lists, vendors, budgeting, and more. By taking advantage of our expertise in audiovisual planning (including setup, operation, and teardown), you can offset some of the most stressful aspects of your job and start having more fun with your job.

Show your teammates and guests the recognition they deserve with the latest and greatest technology! Whether you need a large video wall, projection blend, powerful speakers, moving lights, haze, or anything else, we’ll help you tie your beautiful event together. If you want to go all out and add a personal, engaging touch, we can even implement fashion show style runways into a normal stage where the presenter can roam the audience while still being illuminated.

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Our vision is to empower our clients, teammates, and partners by creating spectacular experiences that drive engagement and produce results.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to become your audiovisual hero. We go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to make your event a huge success. Together, we'll go the distance.

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