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Don’t get left in the dark.

Brilliant lighting is what makes your event whole. It’s the icing on the cake! And it’s what provides for a natural and vibrant look, both on and off camera.

Just as you think you’ve taken care of your lighting needs, you’re likely going to run into some questions like these…

How many lighting fixtures and what type will you need? Are you choosing static lighting or dynamic lighting? Do you know where the in-room control panel is for the venue’s lighting? Does the venue you’ve chosen allow custom lighting rigs with moving lights and truss?

There are many components to lighting besides the lights themselves. It’s about the stage and vibe of the room, too. An even stage wash ensures your presenters look incredible, making it easy to take high-quality photos and videos, which can lead to excellent publicity. The perfectly-placed backlight will highlight your presenter and offset them from the background.

Bring your brands to life by filling the room with colors, patterns, bright lights, or ballyhoos. Custom Gobos are special stencils that allow you to project symbols, logos, taglines, and other shapes onto walls, floors, backdrops, and more, making it easier than ever to market yourself and your sponsors to your guests. Create the perfect ambiance with moving lights, certain to add an exciting flair to your atmosphere.  

Not only will we assist you with your venue, but we will also make your unique event stand out. The right lighting can make the difference between blending in or making yourself stand out from competitors. Contact us today to start brightening your future. 

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